12 DECEMBER 1885, Page 2

The Government appear to be seriously disturbed by a new

movement in the Soudan. The Arabs, led, it is said, by a successor to the Mandi, have concentrated a large force at Dongola, are spreading Northward up the river, and are threatening Wady Haifa, our frontier military station. They have even attacked Ambigol, a railway-station and fort fifty miles further South ; and although beaten back, are so evidently determined to invade, that all disposable troops in Egypt have been ordered to the front, and three regiments immediately leave England to reinforce the Egyptian garrison. General Lennox has gone forward to take command, and in Cairo a serious struggle is expected, more especially by the Khedive's Government. Wady Haifa will soon be strongly garrisoned ; and as we have entrenchments there, and the support of armed steamers on the river, any attack should easily be beaten back. The Arabs, however, are always for- midable, and they may get behind Wady Haifa, and cost us many lives before they are finally repulsed. Nothing accurate is known of their leader, but he has crept up towards Egypt in a very determined way, and there is a report that, to crush him, the Government intend to reoccupy Dongola.