12 DECEMBER 1885, Page 3

No decree of annexation has been issued as regards Burmah,

Lord Dafferin openly stating that he awaits orders from home, and will not prematurely commit the English people. There appears to be some reason for delay which is not yet explained, but it may be Lord Dufferin's desire to see Burmah for himself. In the interim, General Prendergast,•v*ho has received a K.C.B., governs Burmah through the four Woons, or Ministers, who seem faithful, and have advised the deportation of five princes, and the release of seven of the Queen's hall-sisters. She herself is Theebau's half-sister, as is the custom with this dynasty; and the other half-eisters bitterly complain of her cruelty. General Prendergast has reduced the capital to order ; but there was one day during which everybody plundered everybody else, and for mentioning this the Times' correspondent has been ordered down to Rangoon. This is exceedingly stupid, as Lord Dufferin must cancel the order ; but we have not yet General Prendergast's explanation. General Godwin in the last war took exactly the opposite line, patiently explaining to a corre- spondent, who, he thought, had maligned him, exactly the manner in which he had been misinformed.