12 DECEMBER 1885, Page 3

So far as the news from Pirot is intelligible at

all, the position in Servia would appear to be this. Prince Alex- ander, believing 'that Austria and Russia were at variance, decided to go forward. Ile received, however, evidence that their variance had been removed, and assurances that if he would remain quiet the union of the Bulgarias should no longer be resisted. He accordingly, while - maintaining his demands against Servia, agreed to await the award of the Powers upon them ; and the Tarkish Government, no doubt pressed from Vienna, withdrew its Deputy-Commissioners from Philippopolis. These gentlemen have, moreover, reported to Constantinople that the union is the desire of the whole population, and that it can be prevented only by force. So far, all is satisfactory, but there is some cause for uneasiness on the spot which is not yet revealed ; and it is said Prince Bismarck does not quite like the turn events have taken. His idea is said to be that Prince Alexander is a very fine fellow, but that his movement is a revolutionary one, and that if revo- lutionary movements are allowed to prosper, there is an end to all order and •security. He is not, however, just now quite absolute at Vienna, where there is a feeling that one's allies should favour one's little intrigues, and not be quite so critical and obstinate.