12 DECEMBER 1885, Page 3

Some friends of the late Miss Helen Prideaux wish to

found a memorial to her memory. We are not fond of memorials, and rarely mention them ; but Miss Prideaux deserved one. She was, in the judgment of those best qualified to decide, the ablest of the women who have entered the medical profession, having obtained in open, and rather fierce competition, an extra- ordinary list of honours, among others the gold medal for anatomy from the University of London, which is considered a prize by the ablest surgeons of the other sex. She helped, too, greatly to disarm a natural, though rather absurd prejudice, being not only not a "mannish woman," but a graceful lady, singularly refined, and full to the lip of general culture. While acting as House-Surgeon to the Children's Hospital, on Padding- ton Green, she was attacked with diphtheria, and, after a week of terrible suffering, borne with an unfailing patience, the more remarkable because she thoroughly understood her own danger, she expired, leaving a vacancy which her friends will never thoroughly fill up. The memorial, we regret to say, is to take the shape of a scholarship ; but it is of no use to contend with the modern passion for utility, even when it diminishes the honour it is intended to pay. Subscriptions should be sent to Mrs. Garrett Anderson, M.D., 4 Upper Berkeley Street.