12 JANUARY 1850, Page 19


On the 19th August, at Sydney, New South Wales, the Hon. Mrs. Keith Stewart, of a daughter. On the 4th January, in Charles Street, Berkeley Square, the Countess of Craven, of a son.

On the 4th, at Cheveley Park, Newmarket, the Wife of John Fairlie, Esq., of a daughter.

On the 5th, at the Hall, Bedale, Yorkshire, the Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Wind- ham, (late Coldstream Guards,) of a son.

On the 6th, at Eastry House, Eastry, Kent, the Wife of Captain C. II. Baker, R.N., of a daughter.

On the 6th, at the Rectory, Kirkby Overblow, Yorkshire, the Wife of the Rev. Henry Blunt, of a daughter.

On the 8th, at Sunderlandwick, in the East Riding of the county of York, the Wife of Edward Homer Reynard, Esq., of a son. On the 9th, at Thornham Hall, Suffolk, Lady Henniker, of a son, stillborn. MARRIAGES.

On the 8th November, at St. John's Church, Mussoorie, Charles Hamilton Fasson, Esq., Fourteenth Light Dragoons, son of the late John Fasson, Esq., Assistant Se- cretary of Chelsea College, to Catherine Mary, eldest daughter of Brigadier-General Young, Commanding the Dinapore Division.

On the let January, at Wideombe Old Church, Bath, Charles Langworthy sugdon, Esq., Lieutenant Thirty-ninth Regiment Madras Army, to Mary Charlotte Harriet, only daughter of the late Rev. James Camper Wright, Rector of Walkern, Herta, and Fellow of Eton College.

On the 3d, at Cappane Church, county Waterford, Frederick John George White- head, Esq., Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers, only son of Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas Whitehead, K.C.B., of Uplands Hall, Lancashire, to Frances Elizabeth, second daughter of Thomas Fitzgerald, Esq., of Ballina Park, county Waterford.

On the 8th, at St. George's, Hanover Square, Henry John &Min, Esq., only sou of John Selivin, Esq., Down-Hall, Essex, to Sarah Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Right Hon. Lord Lyndhurst.

On the 9th, at St. Mary's, Leyton, Essex, William Fowler Mountford, eldest son of William Taylor Copeland, Esq., M.P. and Alderman of London, to Elizabeth Mary, daughter of John Lane, Esq., of the Grange, Lepton. On the 10th, at St. Margaret's, Westminster, the Rev. Anthony W. Thorold, B.A., son of the late Rev. Edward Thorold, Rector of llougham-cum-Marston, Lincoln- shire, to Henrietta, eldest daughter of Thomas Greene, Esq., M.P., of Slyne, sod Whittington Hall, Lancashire.


On the 24th September, at the Island of Poo-too, the Rev. John Lowder, Episcopal Chaplain of Shanghai, China ; in his 39th year. On the 15th November, at Sukker, Upper Scinde, Francis Roger Barnston Napier, Esq., third Bombay NI., eldest son of the Hon. Charles Napier; in his 21st year. On the 31st December, at the Vines, Rochester, Mary, theWife of Lieutenant-Colo- nel Bingham, late of the Grenadier Guards ; in her 73d year. On the 2d January, in Lower Darnford Street, Stonehouse, Sir David James Hamil- ton Dickson, late Inspector of Hospitals and Fleets ; in his 70th veer. On the 3d, in Upper Stamford Street, the Rev. AFmondisham COlelough Carr, MIA., Incumbent of St. Andrew's, Lambeth, and late Assistant Minister of Belgrave Chapel, Belgmve Square. On the 4th, the infant daughter of Viscount Nevill.

On the 4th, in Pulteney Street, Bath, Mrs. Eliza Nooth, Relict of the late Dr. Nooth, M.D. ; in her 90th year. On the 5th, at St. Catherine's, Regent's Park, the Rev. Robert William Baxter, B.D. the Senior Brother thereof, and Rector of St. Peter's with Kingethorpe, No.-thamptcn; in his 86th year.

On the 7th, at Little Clacton Vicarage, the Rev. John Lawrence Kirby, Vicar of Little Clacton.

On the 7th, at St. Peter's, Isle of Thanet, Isaac Blake Clarke, Esq., C.B., formerly Lieutenant-Colonel of the Scots Greys; in his 76th year.

On the 8th, in Golden Square, Pentonville, Lieutenant Waghorn ; in his 49th year. On the 8th, at Ashwell Rectory, Rutlandshire, the Hon. and Rev. Thomas Dow- naLhin his 71st year. Ream, Turmeheel Lane, Cannon Street, the Rev. Henry George Watkins, M.A., forty-foor veers Rector of the united parishes of St. Swithin and St. Mary Bothaw, London ; in'his 85th year.