12 JANUARY 1850, Page 2

ght Court.

Tim Queen held a Privy Council and Court at Windsor Castle on Tues- day. The meeting of Parliament, on the 31st instant, was fixed. The Marquis of Lansdowne had audience before, and Sir George Grey after the Council. At the Court, Dr. Hinds and Dr. Oliphant had audiences and did homage as Bishop of Norwich and Bishop of Llandaff.

The Duke and Dutchess of Nemours terminated their visit to the Queen on Monday. The Bishop of Manchester and the Reverend James Cart- mall have had the honour to be guests at the Castle.

The Queen and Prince Albert drove to Frogmore on Wednesday, and dined with the Dutehess of Kent. Prince Albert skated on the orna- mental waters at Frogmore on Wednesday : he has hunted and shot with his guests on several days this week. Yesterday, his Royal Highness came to town and presided at the first sitting of the Come-Aced= on the Exposition of 1851.