12 JANUARY 1850, Page 2

The Republicans of the American - United States have got out

of their difficulty in the House of Representatives, by accepting a re- lative in lien of an absolute majority ; and thus, setting aside an impracticably independent band of the Free Soil party, who held the balance of power but would not use it as a balance only can be used, the two great sections of Whig and Democrat decided the election amongst themselves, and, at the sixty-third ballot, chose wh Mr. Whig.

. Cobb, a ' .

Then followed ?resident Taylor's first message to the Congress. It is an interesting document ; far less diffuse than its p eces- sort"; of recent times moderate, practical, and yet more truly ele- vated in tone than those same enormities. The Whig semi- Protectionist was expected to advocate an alteration of the tariff in a. sense adverse to the freest importation of goods, and he does advocate the change from ad-valorem to higher specific duties; but he puts foremost the necessity of raising the revenue to meet the cost of recent wars, and protection sinks to the place of a secondary incident. In this respect General Taylor is more moderate, per haps more politic, than his own high-Protectionist Secretary. President holds forth the most friendly aspect towardsEngland; passes over the recent dispute with France in a tone of good- humoured disregard, inviting that Republic to send its representa- tive; and gives other signs of a desire to maintain peace, not by the threat of prepared war, but by fostering cordial relations. The conqueror of Mexico holds out the hand of hearty fellowship to 'that state ; a magnanimity the more unusual, since Mexico was the injured party. In fine, the message is an earnest of General Taylor's professed aspiration' to restore in the councils of the

Model Republic the spirit of Washington. .