12 JANUARY 1850, Page 20


Tuesday, January 8. Pairrireastrnii Thasorxen.-Saddington and Keep, St. John Street, Smithfield, dealers in grindery--James and Son, Helston, Cornwall, hatters-Corbould and Mar- tin, Villiers Street, drawers-Winsor and Morris, Exmouth, dealers in land-Birch and Bramah, Great Winchester Street, attomies-Meyer and Co. Bow Lane, furriers ; as far as regards J. Joseph-Coats and Co.-Dixon and Co. Ipswich, ironfounders- Anderson and Scorer. Durham, nurserymen-Freeman and Co. Coleman Street, at- tornies-Jones and Hewitt, Derby, chemists-Hurry and Lott, Liverpool, wine-mer- chants-Snowden and Ness, South Shields, ship-brokers-Thrupp and Co. Oxford Street, coach-builders; as far as regards A. Thrupp-Edgley and Billing, Holborn, brassfounders-Pratt and Co. Halifax, stone-masons-Prince and Bolsover, Derby, pawnbrokers-Spencer and Plummer, Devizes, woollendrapers-Sheriff and Tyre, Birmingham, die-sinkers-Fadeuilhe and Merat, patentees of solidified milk-Hill Co. Worcester, British-wine-merchants ; as far as regards J. Williams-Taylor

and Co. Lamb's Conduit Street, lithographic draughtsmen-Gill and Warburton, Manchester, cotton-thread-doublers-Mansford and 'Beaton, Bath, attornies-John- son and Billington, Manchester, timber-merchants-Dunning and Stawman, Leeds, attornies-Walker and Lacey, Bartholomew Close, wood-type-cutters-J. J. and T. W. Lee, Redbrook, Flintshire, land-agents-Melhado and Deacon, Lothbury, stock- brokers-Bridgeman and Warburton, Manchester, commission-agents-Morton and Co. Paternoster Row, diningroom-keepers-Woodcock and Cooper, Rotherham, masons-Peters and Lister, Ulverston, ironfounders-Oliver and Couldwell, Sheffield, millers-Cowles and Faulke, Queen Street, Cheapside-J. R. and C. Wood, Denby Dale, Yorkshire, woollen-cloth-manufacturers.

BANICRIIPTS.-WHasem BEDFORD, Fen Drayton, Cambridgeshire, publican, to sur- render Jan. 18, Feb. 23: solicitor, Hutson, Upper Clifton Street, Finsbury; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-EDWARD FARRAR, Guildford Street, apothe- cary, Jan. 22, Feb. 19: solicitors, May and Sweetland, Queen Square, Bloomsbury; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court-EDWA.RD EFFER, Totnes, victualler, Jan. 16, Feb. 12: solicitor, Turner, Exeter ; official assignee, Hemmen, Exeter- ELIAS COCKER, Manchester, cotton-manufacturer, Jan. 24, Feb. 14: solicitor, As- croft, Oldham ; official assignee, Hobson, Manchester. DITIDENDS.-Jan. 29, Brain, Winchester Place, Pentonville, copperplate-dealer-- Feb. 1, Moody, High Street, Aldgate, tailor-Jan. 29, Lerew, late of Upper Norton Street, Fitzroy* Square, apothecary-Feb. 1, Byers, Upper Lisson Street, victualler- Jan. 30, Smith, Louth, draper-Jan. 28, Bates, Birmingham, factor-Jan. 31, Fox, Charlestown, Glossop, paper-manufacturer-Feb. 1, Nightingale, Bury, brewer. CERTIFICATES.-7b be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of weeting.-Jan. 30, Busby, Wood Street, Bethnal Green, cowkeeper-Jan. 29, Foster, St. John's Square, ironmonger-Jan. 31, Lawton, Liverpool, auctioneer. DECLARATION OF DP7IMF.ND.-Ellins, Droitwich, salt-manufacturer ; first div. of 24. any Thursday; Christie, Birmingham. &mem SEQUESTRATIONS.-Reid, Bent, Lanarkshire, farmer, Jan. 15, Feb. 5-Gray, Edinburgh, smith, Jan. 17, Feb. 7-Brown, Edinburgh, chemist, Jan. 14, 30-Ged- des, Edinburgh, spirit-dealer, Jan. 10, Feb. 11-Dow and White, Glasgow, drapers, Jan. 14, Feb. 4-Bryce, Glasgow, architect, Jan. 11, Feb. 1.

_Friday, January 11. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED-S. and E. Oliver, Poole, milliners-Elias and Hughes, Llardwrog, Anglesey. corn-merchants-G. and C. J. Andrew, Preston, cotton-manu- facturers-Porter and Co. Liverpool, manufacturers of paints-Peace and Co. Shef- field, manufacturers of steel files-J. and T. Wallis, Nottingham, clothiers-Nelson and Booth, Heanor, Derbyshire, lace-makers-Brown and Co. Macclesfield, grocers -Stoessiger and Co. Birmingham, importers of foreign manufactures-Beeland and Wood, Derby, mercers-Harrison and Sale, Manchester, engravers-Higgins and Co. Birmingham, manufacturers of compressed wood railway pins and keys-Barrett and Co. Truro, curriers-Clarke and Turney, Lincoln, fellmongers-Clough and Lambert, Hull, provision-merchants-Hunter and English, Bow, millwrights-Kendall and Co. Nottingham, tatting-manufacturers-Gray and Co. Manchester, cotton-spinners ; as far as reds L. Gray-Shaw and Co. Burnley, cotton-spinners-Johnson and ' Co. Tipper Lansdowne Terrace, Notting Hill, school-keepers; as far as regards R. and E. Johnson-Gedge and Barker, Bury St. Edmund's, printers-Ryley and Son, Coventry, watch-manufacturers-Harper and Co. Cowper's Court, Cornhill, wine- merchants-Craddock and Phillott, Chapel Place, Marylebone, surgeons-Mead and Sons, rFrome Selwood, Somersetshire, hat-manufacturers-Mitchell and Co. Leeds, woollen-cloth-merchants-Oatway and Fox, Bristol, rag-merchants-Reid and Whiteman, Glasgow, power-loom-cloth-manufacturers ; as far as regards R. V. Reid-Black and Co. Glasgow, calico-printers; as far as regards J. Scott. Bi9THRCPTS.-GE0RoE Taarren, Gloucester, coachmaker, to surrender Jan. 23, Feb. 19: solicitors, May and Sweetland, Queen Square, Bloomsbury; official as- signee, Stansfeld, BasinThall Street--Jone STEAD, Melcombe Regis, grocer, Jan. 21, March 4: solicitors, Wilde and Co. College Hill ; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Coleman Street Buildings-Jomm MarrnEws and Joan MARTIN, Chichester Place, King's Cross, drapers, Jan. 19, Feb. 28: solicitors, Reed and Co. Friday Street; official assignee, Johnson, Basinghall Street-JOHN STOCICHS, Exeter, inn- keeper, Jan. 18, Feb. 12: solicitor, Terrell, Exeter: official assignee, Hirtzel, Exeter -HENRY James HINXMAN, Bury, Lancashire, apothecary, Jan. 22, Feb. 12: solicitor, Harper, Bury; official assignee, Fraser, Manchester-WILLIAM Cowin:in, Bristol, cabinet-maker, Jan. 24, Feb. 21: solicitor, Sabine, Bristol ; official assignee, Miller, Bristol-JOHN FREEMAN, Milbank, horse-dealer, Jan. 22, Feb. 12: solicitors, Smith and James, Birmingham ; official assignee, Whitmore, Birmingham-Wmeram DOBBS, Wolverhampton, brassfounder, Jan. 21, Feb. 16: solicitors, Foster and Gough, Wol- verhampton; Smith and James, Birmingham ; official assignee, Christie, Birmingham. DIVIDENDS.-Feb. 4, Slater, Preston, cabinet-maker-Feb.4, Loisel jun. and Edan, Hatton Garden, foreign-provision-merchants--Feb. 7, Hodge, Plymouth, draper- Feb. 5, Banbury, Shoreditch, distiller-Feb. 2, Ryder, Birmingham, jeweller-Feb. 2, Huxley, Wolstanton, Staffordshire, tailor-Feb. 2, Braithwaite, Hereford, apothe- cary-Feb. 8, Ashmore, Birmingham, carrier-Feb. 5, Lord, Rochdale, flannel-manu- facturer-Feb. 4, Oakes, Oldham, clockmaker-Feb. 4, K. and R. D. Dunn, Wake- field, corn-factors-Feb. 4, Frith, Dewsbury, cotton-spinner-Feb. 6, Jepson, Drif- field, draper. CERTIFICATES.-m be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of Ineeting.-Feb. 5, Butt, Winchester, bootmaker-Feb. 5, Kitchner, Gravel Lme, scavenger-Feb. 5, Jacobs, Canterbury, auctioneer-Feb. 2, Search, Lower Road, Rotherhithe, carpenter-Feb. 2, M'Leod, Stockwell, brewer-Feb. 4. Palmer, Bris- tol, wine-merchant-Feb. 1. Jones, Holyhead, innkeeper-Feb. 1, Williams, Liver- pool, hosier-Feb. 2, Truswell, Sheffield, banker-Feb. 2, Smith, Droitwich, corn- dealer-Feb. 2. Cooper, Coventry, mercer-Feb. 5, Robinson, Portwood-with-Brin- nington, Cheshire, cotton-spinner. DECLAEATIONS or Divinemns.-Macdonald and Campbell, Regent Street, army- agents ; sec. div. of Is. ad. on the separate estate of A. Campbell; and final div. of lid. any Thursday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-Turner and Atherton, Bucklers- bury, auctioneers ; first div. of 20a. on the separate estate of C. J. J. Turner, any Thursday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-Morgan, Warminster, maltster ; div. of Is. on account of 2s. 9d. any Thursday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-J. and J. F. King, Wells Row, Islington, builders ; first div. of Is. any Thursday ; Pennell, Guild- hall Chambers-Day jun. Napier Street, City Road, linendraper ; first div. of 7s. Bd. any Thursday; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-Hamilton, Grange Walk, Bermond- sey, confectioner; first div. of 2.1. 6d. any Thursday; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers- R. and J. B. Pope, Adelaide Place, London Bridge, brick-makers; first and final div. of 20s. on separate estate of J. B. Pope ; and a sec. div. of 214. on separate estate of R. Pope, any Wednesday; Whitmore, Basinghall Street-Ridge, Grosvenor Row, Pimlico, corn-dealer; first div. of 4s. any Wednesday; Whitmore, Basinghall Street -Barlow, Wharf Road, City Road, engineer ; first div. of 4s. any Wednesday; Whit- more, Basinghall Street-Go:ward, Ely, clockmaker ; first div. of 5s. 4d. any Wednes- day; Whitmore, Basinghall Street-J. and W. Woodward, Walnut-tree Walk, Lam- beth, builders; first div. of 9d. any Wednesday ; Whitmore, Basinghall Street-Mor- ton, New Road, Whitechapel, draper; first div. of la. any Wednesday ; Whitmore, Basinghall Street-Collett, Hammersmith, attorney ; div. of Is. 7d. on account of first div. of Si. lid. any Wednesday ; Whitmore, Basinghall Street-Abram. Liverpool, wine-merchant ; first div. of Is. Rd. Jan. 16, or any subsequent Wednesday ; Mor-

gan, Liverpool-Burton and Sheen, Manchester, cotton-spinners ; first div. of 38. lid. Jan. 22, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Fraser, Manchester.

SCOTCH SEQL'ESTRATIONS.-Forbes, Glasgow, jeweller, Jan. 16, Feb. 6-M'Bey, South Mean, Aberdeenshire, farmer, Jan. 19, Feb. 16-Macdonald, Skeabost, Isle of Skye, farmer, Jan. 21, Feb. 8-Steven, Edinburgh, provision-merchant, Jan. 21, Fe. 18.