12 JANUARY 1850, Page 5


The meeting of the East Lothian Protection Society, held at Redding- ton on Friday, "for the first time for three years," was marked by the appearance of a Southron orator—Mr. Busfield Ferrand. He delivered a characteristic speech, chiefly directed to show the personal inconsistencies of particular leading Free-traders; and concluded by advising the East Lothian farmers to convene a public meeting and send a challenge to Mr. Cobden, "calling on him to substantiate all the statements which he made before free trade came into operation" : "and believe me," said Mr. Ferrand, "if you do so, he will not dare to show his face ; or if he does, /will meet hun."

At the High Court of justiciary in Edinburgh, last Saturday, Andrew Forrest, a youth of eighteen was tried for the murder of Kirby, a game- keeper, at Cambuslang. There was no doubt, from the youth's confession as well as other evidence,. that he killed the man ; the trial turned upon the question whether he did it wilfully. Forrest was out with u gun, intending to poach; on the road he encountered Kirby, who had two dogs in a leash, one a very fierce creature, a cross between a Newfoundland and a bull-dog. Some altercation ensued, and probably the savage dog seized Forrest's leg, for it was wounded by a dog ; then theyouth fired--as he said, at the dog ; but the man was killed. The dog might have torn the prisoner after he fired; or, on the contrary, the lad's story might be true. The Lord Justice Clerk summed up very favourably for the accused; severely censuring the gamekeeper's practice of leading about the savage dog. The Jury soon re- turned a verdict of "Not proven."

An Edinburgh Policeman has perished while in pursuit of a man charged with assault. He attempted to cross the Water of Leith by a dam-dike;t foot slipped, and he fell into a deep pool, and was drowned.