12 JANUARY 1850, Page 9

La Paine of Thursday night has the following confirmation of

a report previously discredited— "We learn with the most lively satisfaction that the Government has just decided, in a council of Ministers, that it will immediately send an expedi- tion to La Plata. It was positively stated at the Assembly, that the squa- dron would be composed of one or two frigates and several small steamers. The expedition will be placed under the command of Admiral Dubow- die; who will unite to the command full diplomatic powers. The ef- fective strength of the troops to be sent will be 2,000 men, under the im- mediate command of Colonel Lannes de Montebello of the Seventh Chasseurs. The members of the Committee who examined 'the (Inaction of La Plata have received an assurance that the expedition will be promptly prepared and despatched as soon as possible."

In the Bureaux of the French Assembly, yesterday, a Committee was appointed to examine a bill introduced by the Minister of War, and said to have been a suggestion of the President of the Republic,. enact that the pay of all the subaltern officers in the army should be increased two sous daily. Some severe remarks were made both on the President and the Government for bringing it forward : it was Characterized as a popularity- hunting-measure, intended to gain over the army to the cause of the Pre- sident. In several Bureaux the majority appeared determined to reject the measure ; but it would probably be adopted by the Assembly.

M. Proudhon, though still a prisoner in the prison of St. Pelagie, has just entered into the bonds of matrimony with a Madame Piegard. The young wife has taken a small apartment in front of the prison, and visits her hus- band as often as the regulations of the prison permit.