12 JANUARY 1850, Page 9



We have authority to state that Mr. Charles Villiers will move the ad- dress in reply to her Majesty's Speech at the commencement of the en- suing session. That Mr. Villiers, who annually proposed the repeal of the Corn-laws before the League was ever established, should undertake this office, is a sufficient answer to the many idle rumours which have been circulated of a hankering on the part of Ministers for a renewed duty upon the importation of corn.—Thnes.

The Protectionist landowners and occupiers of North Leicestershire held a meeting at Loughborough on Thursday ; and the Protectionist Agricultural Societies of South Derbyshire and Easingwold in the North Riding of Yorkshire held meetings yesterday. The attendance at the Deiby meeting was very large and influential. Mr. W. Freshfield, late candidate for the borough, gave advice "not to accept any paltry com- promise with regard to an alleviation of some of the burdens on land. Their main hope was in a dissolution of Parliament as early as it could be obtained." Mr. George Frederick Young admitted that it was very curious there should be "17,000,0001. of gold in the Bank in the face of enormous export" ; he had no doubt, from the calculations of a gentleman who has knowledge of the question, that 12,000,0001. of this amount has been remitted to our Bank from the Continent for safety from political convulsion. Mr. Joseph Lewis stated that he is exporting to America simply because he can't find his ordinary market at home; others are in the same plight.

The Protectionists of Tipperary North Riding met at Nenagh on Tues- day, and adopted a mild memorial to Parliament, attributing the decay of the Riding to the Poor-laws and to the depression of agricultural produce, and praying Parliament "to take into consideration such measures as may tend to remove the pressure," dre.

The Freeman's Journal states that the estates now under the jurisdiction of the Encumbered Estates Commission are worth "fully one-twelfth" of the entire rental of Ireland—and this within less than three months since the first petition was filed.