12 JANUARY 1850, Page 9

Telegraphic despatches from Berlin, dated Wednesday at noon, state that

the Royal message had just been delivered to the Chambers. With the speech had been presented a memorial containing alterations which the Ministry propose in the draft of the Constitution as settled by the Chambers : it proposed that the Upper Chamber should consist of a Peer- age, but that the Second Chamber should possess the initiative in all money matters, as in England.

The festivities of Christmas Day were interrupted by a large fire, which threatened to reduce the town of Drottningholm to ashes. There was great difficulty in obtaining water, in souse:pence of the river being frozen ever. The King and the Crown Prince, with several officers, instantly set out from Stockholm, and were among the first on the spot; and by their presence and encouragement greatly stimulated the efforts of the firemen and others, and the conflagration was subdued after destroying several buildings belonging to the Castle.—sStosklrokr letter, Dec. 28.