12 JANUARY 1850, Page 9

The Queen has conferred the dignity of a Baron of

the 'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland on Frederick Temple Baron Dufferin and Clone- boye, [in the Irish Peerage,] and the heirs male of his body, by the style of Baron Clandeboye, of Clandeboye, in the county of Down. The President of the Republic has sent 300 francs to each of the twelve arrondissements of Paris to be distributed amongst the indigent poor.

In the Court of Queen's Bench, yesterday, Sir Frederick Thesiger applied on behalf of the Count de Thomar, Prime Minister of Portugal, for a rule Nisi calling on the proprietors of the Morning Post to show cause against the issue of a criminal information for the publication of a libel, accusing the Count of obtaining 158,0001. by corrupt and unwarrantable political practices, and imputing_, light conduct" to the Queen of Portugal m connexion with the Count. The rule was granted.

In the Bail Court, yesterday, leave was asked on behalf of Mr. William Daggett Ingledew to change the entry of his name on the roll of attomies to that of William Daggett—Daggett being the surname of his mother's family. The Court quoted Lord Tenterden to the effect that "when there is no fraud, and a man means bone fide to change his name, he may do so without a Royal licence "--" the voluntary assumption of the name of a tes- tator is a legal assumption." Leave was given.

Of-Eliza Chestney the Norfolk News says—"It gives us great pleasure to be enabled to state that this intrepid young woman, who is now residing at Wymondhim, where she is carrying on the business of a milliner and dress- maker, is now so far recovered as to be able to walk up and down stairs without the assistance of either a crutch or stick."