12 JANUARY 1850, Page 9

The Royal Commission for promoting the Exposition of Industry and

Arts in 1851 held its first sitting, in the New Palace at Westminster, yesterday. Prince Albert came to town on purpose to preside, and the assemblage of Commissioners was numerous. The contract made with Messrs. Munday was the chief matter discussed. It was deemed "strictly reasonable and very liberal " ; but "public opinion having been so strongly expressed in favour of the Exposition as to render any such contract now quite unnecessary," the Commission "decided to give notice of its ter- mination."

The Directors of the East India Company have contributed 3001. to- wards Mr. Sidney Herbert's Female Emigration Fund.

A rupture has taken place between the Eastern Counties and the East- ern Union Companies, and the latter has reduced its fares 16 per cent in order to compete for the Norwich traffic.—Chelmsford Chronicle.