12 MAY 1961, Page 13

SIR,—In his review of Arthur Christiansen's book, Headlines All My

Life. Brian Inglis says:

Among the critics he [Christiansen] had to bully into being 'amenable' [in the context the term has the sinister ring of a brainwashing ex- periment] were James Agate, Daniel George, John Pudncy. Paul Holt. Jonah Barrington, Leonard Mosley, John Barber and Nancy Spain.

A search of the hook reveals that what Christian- sen actually wrote was: 'Throughout the years I bullied the critics, like James Agate, etc., into telling the news even though they aired their views.' This is a reference to Christiansen's childish belief that a hot, from the gallery was more important than the performance on the stage, and was ignored by me as dramatic critic of the Daily Express—and still is, I notice, by my successor. Bernard Levin—unless special circumstances make a reference to it necessary.

I cannot speak for other critics who write for the

THE SPECTATOR, MAY 12, 1961 Christiansen confirming that all members of the 13011Y Express, but I have a letter from Arthur editorial staff, including the Editor himself (but with the exception of the lawyer on legal grounds), must secure my consent and approval before cutting or in other ways altering my reviews.—Yours faithfully,


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