13 DECEMBER 1963, Page 17

SIR,--1 am sorry that my effort to withdraw the inaccuracy

in my letter of last week—when I said that Beyond The Fringe contained no mention by name of Mr. Macmillan—was apparently frustrated by the GPO. The first sketch of the show contained no less than sixteen references tc Mr. Macmillan— each accompanied by facial grimaces and incoherent exclamations. I now understand why Mr. lngrams should have acclaimed this as original 'satire' and powerful comment on the political scene.

But I still apologise to your readers for being quite wrong. Or not even 'quite wrong.' Absolutely wrong.

8 Cheyne Walk, SW3


PS. The writer of 'A Spectator's Notebook' might do well to remember the words of the dashing Grand- master Reti, who once wrote of the conventional chess opening: 'P-K4--and White is already in the death throes.'