13 JUNE 1958, Page 18

AND THE LAMBETH CONFERENCE SIR,—In criticising Pharos for his comments

on invitation to Archbishop Makarios, the Rev. fi01 Benson Perkins has added to confusion by 111".till the wrong distinction. In order to escape frolu emotional forces associated with the Archbisholkc Cyprus may I put the right distinction between nw„nd and person in this way? It-is perfectly possible:0i may be necessary to invite Dr. Benson Perkins conference in his capacity as secretary of the vv Methodist Conference without approving of hisol tivities, as vice-president of the Churches Ccni on Gambling or his private religious beliefs THE SPECTATOR. JUNE 13, 1958 activities. Dr. 'Benson Perkins, who rightly serves on many committees, constantly adapts his behaviour to duties of a representative character which his varied work demands and thus in' practice admits the distinction in question.—Yours faithfully,

HERBERT WADDAMS General Secretary Church of England Council on Foreign Relations Palace Court, 222 Lambeth Road, SEI