13 JUNE 1958, Page 19


$11t,—How far that little Taper sheds its beams, like Mr. Levin's attack than by Mr. Blom-Cooper's de-

to (well, perhaps not). The LCJ is a man of Lilts and integrity and was probably less worried by nce, The serious question is that of long sentences.

T the figures from 1938 to 195 (the last available) sentences have increased for6 crimes of violence against the person by 30 per cent., for breaking and entering by 55 per cent' andfor sexual offences by 77 per cent. In the same period the number of offenders has increased by approxi- mately 240 per cent., 72 per cent, and 240 per cent. respectively.

The result is that our ancient and inadequate, Prisons are overcrowded and 2,500 prisoners are sleeping three in a cell. Does anyone think that this is good for anyone?

hit% Graham Greene's rhetorical (and misunder- tood) question as to whether there has been a good CJ since Gascoigne is answered, somewhat t lt miser- hab, by the stement tha Ho was ood, ale adlY sense andat Mansfield had ability.g heal real question was put to me recently by a distinguished citizen of Benelux. 'Why is it, that in penal matters, Britain led the world fifty years ago and is now so far behind us?'—Yours faithfully,

House of Commons, SW I LESLIE HALE