13 MAY 1882, Page 1

As yet, this is practically the whole of the trustworthy

evidence, though an immense mass of detail has been added, much of it irrelevant or useless. What may be taken as cer- tain is that four men, in dark clothes, mounted on an "out- side car " painted red, were driven by a man in a slouch-hat up to the two gentlemen ; that the men jumped down, and while the car waited—the " carman never turning his head "—sur- rounded and stabbed Lord F. Cavendish and Mr. Burke to death with sharp knives ; and then remounting, drove away, the horse, a powerful bay, going at an unusual pace. Men, car, and horse have disappeared into space, and though the Govern- ment has offered a reward of £1 0,000 for full information, and a free pardon to any one not the actual murderer, and protection in any part of her Majesty's dominions, no more evidence was, up to Friday afternoon, to be obtained. Scores of arrests have been made, the ports are watched, and the people appear to give information readily, but the police, though they say they have " clues," do not pretend to have arrested the murderers, who are supposed to have made a circle, returned to Dublin, and sunk into concealment there. More direct proof of the in- efficiency of the police for detective work could not have been given.