13 MAY 1882, Page 22

Ely Lectures on the Revised Version of the New Testament.

By B. H. Kennedy, D.D. (Bentley and Son.)—The Quarterly Review has embarked on a crusade, conducted with a traditional ferocity, against the work of the Revisers. The changes which they have accepted in the text and the alterations which they have made in the renderings

have been assailed with a violence which reflects the greatest discredit, not only on the writer, who, indeed, has little character to lose in this respect, but on the management of the Review. Professor Kennedy's Lectures were delivered before the appearance of the first of these attacks (which is noticed only in a short but effective paragraph), but they answer them by anticipation. The first sermon was preached twenty years ago before the University of Cambridge, and in part re- peated last year in Ely Cathedral. It deals with the subject of "The Interpretation of the Bible," and it is, in fact, a general plea for the free application of a reasonable criticism. The second and third treat respectively of " The Revised Text " and " The Revised Version." A very useful appendix supplies a list of the chief places where textual corrections have necessitated changes in the translation.