13 MAY 1882, Page 23

Latin and Greek Verse Translations. By Charles D. Maclean. (Began

Paul and Co.)—There are some pretty verses here, not of the very first quality—and it may be said that none but such should appear—but still elegant and polished. We note here and there a non-classical expression. Caementa, for instance, is used, without any authority that we can discover, for " cement." But the effect of the whole is at least fairly good. Here is Mr. Maclean's rendering of " Alas ! what hoots it, with incessant care ? " from " Lycidas" r- " Hei mihi ! quid vilem pastoris tender° curam, Pectore sollicito duram quid volvere musam, Protest ? Quin potius solito de more sub umbra Urgemus pulehram teneris Amaryllida bias, Sea libeat plexos trines religare Macrae ? Fgregiae mentis lobes extrema cupid°

Landis delicias animum jubet, usque protervas, Despiciat, studioque dies consumat Mani. At quay mercedem jam nuns reperire petitam, Et mox Miami subito splendors videmur, Atropos ista vent metuenda forfiee, vitae Tennis file weans."