13 MAY 1882, Page 24

MAGAZINES, Exc.—We have received the May numbers of the following

:—Part 12 of English Etchings, the subjects being "John Phillip, R.A.," by A. W. Bayes ; " The Yew Avenue, near Queen- wood College," by M. Snape ; and " The Thames at Pangbonrne," by W. H. May.—The Magazine of Art, a good number.—Illustrated Art Notes.—Art and Letters.—Part 17 of Canon Tristram's Pathways of Palestine, the subjects of the photographic illustrations being Mount Tabor and Cana of Galilee.—Part 1 of a serial edition of Cassell's Illustrated Bible.—Part 4 (completing the work) of An Ety- mological Dictionary of the English Language, by the Rev. W. Skeet, M.A. (Clarendon Press, Oxford.)—Men of Mark, containing portraits of Admiral Sir J. E. Commerell, W. F. Yeames, R.A., and Admiral Sir S. C. Dacres.—Part 28 of the Family Physician.—Part 1 of an illustrated serial edition of Blakston, Swaysland, and Wiener's Canaries and Cage Birds, (Cassell, Petter, Galpin, and Co.)—The Anti- quarian Magazine.—The Army and Navy Magazine, in which is com- menced a series of articles on the " Decisive Battles of India," by Colonel Malleson.—The Month, which opens with an article on "The Religion of Shakespeare."— Knowledge. — Science Gossip.— Tinsley's Magazine.— The Nautical Magazine. — The Gentleman's Magazine, containing a curious and interesting chapter on the ravages of "Furred and Feathered Foes" in new countries.— Tinsley's Magazine.—London Society.—Modern, Thought.—Belgravia. — The Irish Monthly, which opens with the first part of " O'ConnelPs Diary, from 1792 to 1802," and letters, it is asserted, are now for the first time published.—Part 34 of the Sanitary Record.—The Burling- ton, containing some curious " Hindoo Thoughts on Clothes."—Good Words, in which. Mr. Anthony Trollope commences a new aerial story — Chambers's Journal, containing a seasonable article on " A coni- tine."—Golden Hours.—All the Year Round.—Cassell's Magazine.— Sunday Magazine.—The Sunday at Home.—The Leisure Hour.—The Dictionary of Needlework.—Our Little Ones, a capital children's number.--The American Wide Awake, a magazine for children.— The China Review.