13 MAY 1882, Page 3

A letter from Michael Davitt, published in the StEndard of

Thursday, is so creditable to him in many respects,—especially the hearty denunciation of all outrages,—that we wish the Government could see their way to grant him a free pardon. If he ever did belong to the " dynamite " section of the Fenians, he clearly repents himself of that youthful violence. The charge be brings against the Irish Government,—from which he .appears to exempt Mr. Forster personally,—of desiring to shut him up in order that the outrages might grow and justify a policy of violent suppression, is absurd ; but so large a part of his letter is high-minded in tone, and it is so clear that he belongs to that section of the Irish party which we can argue with, that we should see the grant of a free pardon to him with sincere pleasure.