13 OCTOBER 1961, Page 19


Lucky Jim Kingsley Ands 3s 6d Spinster Sylvia Ashton-Warner 3s 6d The Green Mare Marcel Ayme 3s 6d After the Rain John Bowen 2s 6d• Breakfast at Tiffany's Truman Capote 2S 6d Niki Tibor Dery 2s 6d Wai-Wai Nicholas Guppy 5s Thirteen Days Ian Jeffries 2s 6d Nurse is a Neighbour Joanna Jones 2s 6d Prep School James Kenward 2s 6d • ... And the Rain My Drink Hal? Suyin 3s 6d Conversation in Sicily Elio Vittorini 2s Gd


Old Hall, New Hall Michael lanes 2s 6d The Twenty-Third Man Gladys Mitchell 3s 6d Shadow of a Lady Holly Roth 2s 6d Deadly Reaper Clark Smith 2s 6d PELICANS - The Pelican History of the Church 5: The Church in an Age of Revolution, 1789 to the Present Day Alec Vidler 5s Hinduism K. M. Sett 3S 6d

The Decipherment of Linear B

John Chadwick 3s 6d MaAs, Length and Time Norman Feather 6s

Musical Instruments Through the Ages

Ed. Anthony Balmer 8s 6d Organic Chemistry Today F. W: Gibbs 7s 6d

The Rise of the Meritocracy

Michael Young 3s 6d

PENGUIN REFERENCE BOOKS World Events: The Annual Register of the Year 1960 lOs

Penguin Atlas of Medieval History Colin McEvedy lOs 6d


Orpheus Descending, Something Unspoken, Suddenly, Last Summer Tennessee Williams 3s 6d


Bridge Terence Reese 3s 6d


What's Wrong with the Church? Nick Earle 2s 6d What's Wrong with the Unions? Eric L. Wigham 3s 6d