12 SEPTEMBER 1940, Page 1

Movement in America

Step by step the logic of facts is producing its sure effects on the mind of the American people. They have already gone beyond the first stage when they recognised that the British navy and Air Force lay between them and the Hitler menace, and they have now abundantly realised that this country is Worth backing, and that help sent here will not be help wasted. There is an ever-growing admiration of the fight that is being put up here to stem the tide of Nazi invasion and to give back blow for blow. Hence there is now in most quarters in the United States unqualified satisfaction at the co-operation between them and this country in the making over of the American destroyers and the lease of bases from the South American coast to Newfoundland. Mr. Cordell Hull takes a broad view of the use to which these bases should be put. He has informed the Latin-American Republics that the bases would be available also for their use in the co-operative defence of the western hemisphere. The principle of the Conscription Bill is generally accepted, though there are delays which are irksome to the President. The House of Representatives, for example, favoured the postponement of the application of Con- scription for 6o days in order to give voluntary enlistment another chance. That, however, has been abandoned under the stress of circumstances. The President is pressing for the speedy provision of immense sums of money for Army and Navy equipment, and on Monday he was able to sign a Bill appropriating an additional $5,5oo,000,00o for National Defence. Meantime the factories are working at high speed on war production for this country.