12 SEPTEMBER 1940, Page 1

Revolution in Rumania

The Hungarian march into Translyvania, the assumption of full dictatorial powers by General Antonescu, the abdication of King Carol in favour of his young son Michael and his flight with Madame Lupescu from the country are among the startling events which have quickly succeeded one another since the Rumanian Government bowed to the so-called arbi- tration of the Axis. The anger of the Rumanian people at the mutilation of their country destroyed the last shreds of King Carol's prestige, and his enemies gathered round to ensure his downfall. General Antonescu has declared himself " Leader of the State," and is endeavouring to enlist the support of all parties, though the response from many of the leaders is obscure. His first task will be to seek to create some sort of order out of chaos by methods modelled on those of the Nazis, with a policy which is obviously intended to accommodate itself to that of Germany. He has no choice but to accept in full the cession of Transylvanian territory to Hungary, which all parties detest, but he is cultivating the goodwill of Nazi sympathisers and counts on Germany's support. There is still the Soviet Government to be reckoned with, which is bent upon stirring up as much trouble as it can without a direct challenge to Germany. Under General Antonescu Rumania will be a tool in the hands of Germany, who will be the real director of her policy.