12 SEPTEMBER 1940, Page 12

SIR,—It is quite possible for the intellectual hunger, which, as

the author of the article in your issue of last week rightly says, may be felt by all ranks in the Army, to be at all events partially satisfied, if

the existing machinery is put into motion. In the county with which I am best acquainted, courses of lectures have been given regularly by the staff of the Adult Education Department of the Education Committee to the troops stationed in the county. These lectures, which have apparently very much interested those who have attended them, have dealt with such subjects as The Origins of War, The Economic Positions of the British Empire and the German Reich, The Collapse of France and other subjects of the kind. This work is fostered in each area in the country by the Regional Committee for Adult Education in H.M. Forces, an application to whom from any Unit would not fail of result.—Your obedient Servant,