12 SEPTEMBER 1940, Page 2

The Vichy Government

Whilst the Vichy Government in France continues to try to justify its existence by vilifying its predecessors, it misses no opportunity of seeking to ingratiate itself with Germany. It has cut itself off root and branch from all that went before, and is vindictively pursuing the old leaders by staging a trial in which the verdict will go according to its wishes. Having issued warrants for the arrest of two former Ministers for Air, M. Pierre Cot and M. Guy La Chambre, who are in the United States, it is now reported to have actually arrested M. Daladier, M. Reynaud, and General Gamelin. By the appointment of Marshal Weygand to be Delegate-General of the Government in Northern Africa it aims at securing its own influence by suppressing the anti-Italian and especially the anti-German agitation which has been increasing in Africa since Equatorial Africa joined General de Gaulle. In domestic administration it takes Nazi practices as its model. Marsha! Petain's Government attempts to be more Nazi than the Nazis, partly from a pathetic desire to-win the goodwill of Germany, and partly no doubt from inclination. The people of France have no means of showing what they think of it—except those who are beyond its reach.