12 SEPTEMBER 1940, Page 2

The R.A.F. in Germany

It must not be forgotten that whilst London is being sub- jected night by night to the most ruthless indiscriminate bom- bardment from the air, against which at present no defence can be adequate, the R.A.F. are simultaneously delivering blows at Germany equally hard and far more certain and effec- tive in their results. It is not the policy of this country to retaliate against barbarism with barbarism, and therefore it is not against defenceless German civilians that our airmen are directing their attacks. They too hit at the centres of German life—Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Essen, Bremen, Kiel—but In- stead of scattering their bombs wildly over residential areas they descend low to aim at legitimate military targets --such as aerodromes, power-houses, central lighting installa- tions, munitions and aircraft factories, oil stores, shipyards end concentrations of ships and barges which may have been mobi- lised for invasion. The harbours at Ostend, Boulogne and Calais receive constant attention from our aircraft. Bremen, Wilhelmshaven and Kid are suffering from our repeated blows at the docks. It is known that the munitions industries in the Ruhr district have been so severely damaged that production has been seriously held up, and it is reported that efforts are being made to transfer essential works. Whilst Germany is working cruel havoc by blind blows at working-class dwellings and residential flats, the R.A.F. is engaged in destructive work of the most deadly character at the very sources of German military power.