12 SEPTEMBER 1940, Page 5

Curious rumours slip through about General Weygand. The fact that

I mention them does not mean that I give them credence. The late (whether he is also the present is not quite clear) commander-in-chief has left the Vichy Cabinet and is to go to Africa to try to stem the defection of the French colonies to General de Gaulle. But I see it suggested that General Weygand's secret hopeā€”for he is completely dis- illusioned by the consequences of the great surrenderā€”is to organise resistance to Germany in the colonies and prevent them from falling into enemy hands. That looks on the face of it quite improbable, but it does happen to square with a state- ment made by a well-informed Frenchman in London a few weeks ago that Weygand, with his curious Catholic mysti- cism, believed France had to fall to rise, and that now she had fallen, the task of his remaining days would be to promote her resurrection, military as well as spiritual. But it is hard to see how he could do that in present circumstances even if he would.