12 SEPTEMBER 1963, Page 13


SIR,—That was an excellent article by Arnold Beichman. He shows in his picture more than a hint of the sunshine of Indonesia-Hit is a relief to find a portrayer of Indonesian affairs who wields other than a tar-brush.

Too many people believe the Daily Telegraph version of President Sukarno—a brooding menace incorporating the worst features of every dictator - in history, with nothing to be said in his favour. Some correspondents can never mention the 'Indo- nesian economy' . without the prefix 'bankrupt' or 'tottering,' or find any motive for the President's actions other than the need to 'divert attention from the chaotic conditions in Indonesia.'

But the sun still shines in Java, and the rubber, tea, coffee, cocoa, pepper, etc. etc., are still grown for export. They arc even sending us a shipment of 10,000 tons of sugar. It is a pity a sample was not consigned to the Telegraph.

51 St. Helen's Down, Hastings, Sussex