12 SEPTEMBER 1963, Page 13


SIR,—I have only just seen the letters about my review (Spectator, August 16), and I hope I may reply to them briefly.

Mr. Kell says that he used wrapt instead of wrapped to convey two meanings at once. The line in which he used it runs 'Wrapt in spliced airs of fish and tar,' and I think it is natural to discern only one meaning. His odd intention would have had more chance of effectiveness if used, e. e. cummings fashion, as (w)rapl, but really the point is that such an archaism is out of place in any contemporary poem.

Anybody who compares what was written in my review with Dame Edith Sitwell's non-comment on it will sec that Dr. Leavis was wrong when he attributed to the. Sitwells a talent only for advertising. Dame. Edith has also a talent for irrelevance.

Romney Marsh, Kent