12 SEPTEMBER 1963, Page 13


was surprised that last week's Spectator carried no letters of reproof for Dr. H. Stuart Hogg whose cogent condemnation of broiler houses you printed on August 30. 1 expected to read this week that:

(1) Broiler-house creatures enjoy a life of ease and luxury and have every want assiduously met;

(2) Broiler:house produce is quality food;

(3) Britons must not grumble about the broiler- house' food on their plates because of the starving millions of the world. (This plea reminds me of being told in the nursery, 'Now eat up your food. like a good girl because there are hungry little children who would be glad of it,' an arguinent which I still find unchristian and illogical.)

Can it he that the apologists for scientific farming, cruelty and the mass produCtion of third-rate food do not read the Spectator?' If so, please accept my sincere congratulations.


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