12 SEPTEMBER 1963, Page 9

Mr. Ruin's Non - Brick One of our artists, mistakenly referred to

by the 'man who arrested him as Mr. Ruin, has been having trouble with the police. Mr. Ruin was picked up while holding a banner at a recent London demonstration. When he was in his cell, the detective produced half a brick wrapped up in a sheet of newspaper. The charge was that Mr. Ruin had been carrying the half-brick in his pocket with intent to throw. He was said to have cried: 'Take it, but you will have to take all the stones in London to stop me.' But Mr. Ruin went to more pains and expense than most in like circumstances to establish his innocence. It was shown in court on scientific evidence that there could never have been a half-brick, in any of his pockets. Furthermore, the defence had managed to secure the half-brick which someone else, who had no connection whatsoever with Mr. Ruin, had been charged with carrying earlier in the week. The magistrate took the two halves and by a strange coincidence they fitted together per- fectly. Result : case dismissed.