14 AUGUST 1936, Page 19


[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.] SIR,—Your article, " Europe and Spain," in last week's SPectator says that " before the rebels, on their side, can establish a new Government they must . . . defeat the entire Spanish working class."

A strange distortion of the truth ! Anyone with the most superficial knowledge of Spain must realise that the large majority of the population are still Catholics, hardly likely in your words, " to be ready to fight to the death " for the Government policy, which has resulted in the wholesale massacre of priests, and burning, and looting of churches. The well-organised Communist Party in Madrid and Barcelona

is not Spain.—Yours truly, P. R. WHALLEY, Lt.-Colonel. Wodewaye, Teignmouth, Devon.

[The Catholics ill Spain are divided. The National Basque Party, for example, which is supporting the Government, is Mainly Catholic.—En. The Spectator.]