14 AUGUST 1936, Page 28


S. Smythe, member and leader of Himalayan and other expeditions, is almost equally well known as a writer on mountaineering and as a climber with a brilliant record of achievement. His new book, Over Tyrolese Hills (Hodder and Stoughton, 12s. 6d.), lacks the glamour of Kamet Conquered, but it will:be:appreciated by all who love climbing, and should be of great assistance to would-be mountaineers, especially those who contemplate a visit to the Eastern Alps. In 1935 Mr. Smythe, accompanied by a Canadian climber, Mr. Campbell Secord, traversed the Alps of the Austrian Tyrol from Bludenz in-the Arlberg to Zell amSee,yitt Ihnsbiuck. He giyes a fai0y, detailed' account of their progress, enhanced by his own iiiisg7 nificent photographs. It was an exciting, and, at times, difficult journey, through some of the finest scenery in but there is an aloofness in the anthor's manner of telling the story which gives one the impression that after the Himalayas he 'found the -Alps rather small game. He dispenses informa- tion in an abrupt, rather schoolmasterish way, but it is, of course, accurate and valuable, if not inspiring. His book is not solely concerned with climbing, for he had tim eto observe political and social conditions and found," like many other travellers, the standard of living in Austria appallingly low for most of the population. There is an adequate glossary of mountaineering terms.