14 FEBRUARY 1880, Page 1

The Vienna correspondent of the Chronicle professes to give the

terms of the Treaty now being negotiated between England and Persia. Under its provisions, he says, Herat will be occu- pied by a mixed garrison of Persian and British troops, the latter of whom will occupy the citadel ; the Persian boundary will be defined, and allowed to include Herat ; British troops will be authorised to land at Bushire ; any crossing of Persian territory will be resisted by both Powers ; and the territorial in- tegrity of the country, including Herat, will be absolutelyguaran- teed by Great Britain. It is probable that the account is too defi- nite, but it is obvious, from Lord Beaconsfield's denials, that he is preparing some grand coup, and Reuter reports from Teheran that it is there believed that Persia's demands have been com- plied with. A treaty like this, which would make Persia a British dependency, would, of coarse, be intolerable to Russia, and must at no distant period lead to war, when we should have to defend Teheran, whatever our circumstances were at the moment. Teheran is 400 miles from the Persian Gulf, and only seventy from the Caspian.