14 FEBRUARY 1880, Page 23

How to Write the History of a Parish. By X.

Charles Cox. (Bem- rose.)—Mr. Cox has fully proved his competence as a guide in this matter, by his admirable "Notes on the Churches of Derbyshire," as well as in other ways. Any intelligent and educated man, without any special archaeological knowledge, may, by help of the hints hero given, produce a book that, besides amusing himself, may be of real and permanent value.—With this, we may mention The Change- Ringers' Guide to:the Steeples of England, compiled by J. E. Acland-

Troyte and R. H. D. Acland-Troyte, (W. Wells Gardner) ; and Church Goods in Berkshire, A.D. 1552.—Inventories of Furniture and Ornaments remaining in Certain of the Parish Churches of Berlcs, in the Last Year of Edward the Sixth, transcribed from the original records, with introduction, &c., by Walter Money (Parker).