14 FEBRUARY 1880, Page 23

Specimens of Modern German Prose and Poetry, with Notes. By

Dr. M. M. Fischel. (Triibner.) —Dr. Fischel, who is known to many students of German as the author of a concise and useful German grammar and reading-book, has now published a series of selections from modern German writers, beginning with Goethe and ending with Prince Bismarck. The idea is a good one, as it introduces the student to many names which have hitherto been unknown in schools; and a concise history of German literature, which is added to the selections, enables him to identify the author he is reading. The difficulties are carefully explained in the notes, and sentences founded on the particular passage to which the notes are appended are set for retranslation into German. The book may usefully be used as a variation on the study of some one classical work, and as a means of giving young people a somewhat wider acquaintance with the exten- sive field of German literature.