14 FEBRUARY 1880, Page 24

Erchomenon ; or, the Republic of Materialism. By * *

ak • (Sampson Low and Co.)—This is not the most successful of the many attempts which have been made to satirise a hostile philosophy, by imagining a community in which its principles have been carried out to a logical conclusion. It wants unity and decision. In some respects, certainly, the " Republic," as it is here described, is an im-

provement upon modern society ; and its worst features were long ago anticipated by Plato. And what is the writer's real purpose, when he speaks of Christianity as reduced to the limits of a narrow sect, still troubled by the divisions which now harass it ? Materialism would have a most cogent argument on its side, if this should really come to pass, after five more centuries of Christian effort. Bat the greatest fault of the book is the unwarrantable liberty taken with the name of a great living philosopher.