14 FEBRUARY 1880, Page 24

The Churches in Nottinghamshire ; or, Provision for Public Wor-

ship in the Midland Districts. By Goodeve Mabbs. (Bemrose.)— The compiler of this volume states the population and the church accommodation of the various parishes, urban and rural, of the county of Nottingham, by church accommodation being understood that provided by the Dissenting communities, as well as by the Established Church. It is well to know where there is a deficiency and where a surplus ; though such a question as, " Why should it be deemed a point of conscience that both an Independent and a Baptist Church should struggle for existence side by side ?" seems to us, in the face of facts, unpractical. Many of the Baptist churches would hold no communion with Paedobaptists. As for the accuracy of Mr. Mabbs's facts, we can scarcely judge ; but in the narrow district with which the writer is acquainted, there are certainly errors. It is not of much importance that the writer is not aware of the extension of the borough of East Retford ; but it is more serious that in Cottam (in East Retford district), be puts down the Established Church accom- modation as nil. Service is regularly performed there. At Lound, again, in Clareborough district, there is a consecrated chapel, of which no notice has been taken. Other omissions might be pointed out.