14 FEBRUARY 1970, Page 13

The Old Dun Cow

CHRISTOPHER HOLLIS `The landlord has just turned a village pub into scampi-and-wine joint . . . Brewers and licensees are in business to make money . . . As our pubs are tarted up a whole new industry is selling "plastic" British pubs abroad' (Vincent Mulchrone in the Daily Mail (4 February). It has also been an- nounced that a "traditional English pub' has been opened in San Diego, California.

It's sad to learn that the Old Dun Cow Is finally dead and done for now.

The brewers want cash and the times are hard, So the regulars find that the bar is

barred— The one-armed bandit and dart board, too Are not any more for the likes of you. Scampi and claret in thin red glasses Are served there now to the upper classes. Instead of a sausage and mash on the slate They dolly it up with a chromium plate, And nothing English is any more made These days except for the export trade. 13utijf you want such things you, may go TO YelDicie Inne in Saritbiego.""