14 JULY 1961, Page 14


SIR,—In her review of Mr. Bryan M. Wilson's Sects and Society' in Your issue of June 23, it is unfortunate that Miss Marghanita Laski should have selected, as almost her only quotation, a passage which suggests that the Christian Science Church crosses the line of ethical procedure in order to influence editorial policy. It therefore seems neces- sary, if more than a little invidious, for me to have to state that the Committee on Business, to which Mr. Wilson refers, does not have the extremely dubious function he ascribes to it—a function, I need hardly say, strangely out of keeping with the normal practice of our Church in all its relations with the public. A religion which produces an international newspaper of such renown and undisputed integrity as the Christian Science Monitor might perhaps have been assumed to know and observe the lines of demarcation which must always be followed in these as well as other matters.—Yours faithfully, MAURICE J. MANSERGII Christian Science Committee on Publication Donington House, 30 Norfolk Street, Strand, WC2