14 MARCH 1998, Page 28

Backing losers

TUESDAY of next week is a day to look forward to (writes my racing correspon- dent, Captain Threadneedle). It is always a thrilling occasion and at the end of it we might even be better off, especially if I'm Supposin gets his nose in front. So it seems a pity that Gordon Brown has chosen Champion Hurdle Day to put on a rival attraction. He has been warning us not to look forward to his Budget, which will be a turn affair and is 6 to 4 on to leave us worse off. I would rather spend a wet after- noon backing losers at Bangor-on-Dee. A long campaign was fought in this column to get the Budget moved out of Cheltenham race week, and under the previous Chan- cellor we finally succeeded. Now Mr Brown, doubtless poorly advised, has moved it back again. He should forget it and come to the races.