14 MARCH 1998, Page 32

Down undies

Sir: You will be pleased to know that the flurry of Oz v. Porn letters in your magazine has been noted in the Sydney Morning Her- ald on 9 March, the final comment, being in regard to the intervention of Canadian Mr Kenneth Affleck:

They really should stay out of these family squabbles. They just don't understand that every Australian knows England to be a country of sad whingers who never wash because it rains all the time.

Most Australians, you will be pleased to know, pass by such frippery with a 'Who cares?', but noting that we will never again save Britain's bacon with troops or dripping.

But to something of real importance. One of your cartoonists, Ralph (21 Febru- ary), shows Superman getting changed at a modern phone-box where all can see. But your man makes a fatal error in showing Superman putting on his tights with his undies already in place. Everyone knows he wears them on the outside.

Colin Cook

67 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia