14 MARCH 1998, Page 59

Solution to 1350: Too many

IN 0 RAN 0'0 DIAt5C R U BaSI b 1( E '.1)1"R E 1 1E11 E N T

R EltIFI 171H C PI .1 E S 1.. 0

it I ,15:,0 G"A'R KIL_AFi A A DTP"CHME%LANT ED iHXL1....EROSSINH TIF&.A LA% 1-41 I I L U1R'E'R E.D R ji aE IIR


R N s 31r.

O tID N A 145 U M B,E R TIN

The unclued lights, inc uding the pairs at 40/38 and 15/23, and the trio at 19/5/3, were well-known Cooks.

First prize: D. Sinclair, Towcester. Runners-up: Caroline R. Arms, Annapolis, Maryland, USA; Miss Arwa Mandawi, Fraddam, Cornwall.