14 NOVEMBER 1947, Page 16

Sta,—Mr. Koch is mistaken about the tune " Calcutta." Bishop

Heber is not responsible for it. His own suggestion for a tune was one which can be found in VoL II of the Musical Miscellany, 1729, p. 94, entitled " The Faithful Maid," to the words "'Twas when the seas were roaring." The tune " Calcutta" originated from a " Melologue upon National Airs " produced at a concert arranged by George Moore in 1811 at the Theatre Royal, Dublin. There it is referred to as a Greek air. I believe the Irish Hymnal first changed the metre to fit Heber's hymn, and about 1874 Church Hymns gave it a new sixth line lifted from " Aurelia." Anyhow, proof is entirely lacking that the Bishop himself adapted the melody ; certainly he didn't compose it!—Yours truly, The Vicarage, Deddington, Oxford. MAURICE FROST.