14 OCTOBER 1905, Page 23


The Apsley Cookery Book. By Mrs. John J. Webster and Mrs. F. W. Jessop. (J. and A. Churchill. 38. 6d.)—This cookery book has been constructed for the benefit of the followers of a particular diet,—that prescribed by Dr. Haig. When it is borne in mind that Dr. Haig's patients are allowed no meat, no fish, no yolk of egg, and no peas, beans, or other pulses, the carnivorous reader will look with astonishment on the two hundred pages of recipes which are presented to his notice. His astonish- ment will be even greater if he can be persuaded to eat a dinner comprised only of the dishes in this book, as he will find such a meal not only satisfying but palatable. It is wonderful what a large number of good dishes the authors have contrived to produce from the very limited materials at their disposal. There is a certain cheese and potato pudding taken from a German source which is more than excellent ; and the same may be said of the brown potato soup, and, indeed, of a great many of the other recipes. This book should do much to mitigate the housekeeper's feeling of blank dismay should a member of her household suddenly announce that he has become a convert to Dr. Haig's diet.