14 OCTOBER 1905, Page 25


Adams (T.), Garden City and Agriculture, cr 8vo (Simp kin) net 2/6 Anderson (J. M.), Matriculation Roll of University of St. Andrews, 1747- 1897. 8vo (W. Blackwood) 21/0 Armitage (A. A.), Two Years in the Antarctic, 8vo (E. Arnold) net 15/01 Baker (J.), The Inseparables, or 8vo .... . . ...... .... ........ ...(Chapman & Hall) 6/0 ,

Ballingal (J.), The Rhynd and Elcho, cr fivo (D. Douglas) net 2/6 i Beale (E.), A Say and Sing Book for Little Folk, 4to --(Mac)ougall) net 2/6-

Beebe (C. W.), Two Bird Lovers in Mexico, or 8vo (Constable) 12/6' Berard (V.), The Russian Empire and Czarism, 8vo (Nutt) 10/6. Bichel (C. E.), New Methods of Testing Explosives, 8vo .........(Griffin) net 6/0 Bimbo, by Auntie Will, or 8vo (Dent) net 2/6 Bleehynden (K.), Calcutta Past and Present, Cr 8vo (Thacker) net 7/0 Book for Children about Our Lord Jesus Christ, arranged by Rev. C. Hart, or 8vo (Longmane) net 3/6 Book of Psalms (The), Intro. and Notes by W. F. Cobb, 8vo (Methuen) net 10/6 Booth (M.), The Brown House and Cordelia, or 8vo (E. Arnold) 6/0 - Brereton (F. S.), A Soldier of Japan, or 8vo (Blackie) 5/0 Buchan (J.), Law Relating to Taxation of Forei/n Income (Stevens &Sons) 10/6

Burnside (W. F.), Short Lives of Great Men, or 8vo (E. Arnold) 3/6 Campbell (A. W.), Histological Studies of the Localisation of Cerebral Functions, 4to (Camb. Univ. Press) net 18/0 Campbell (F.), A Pillar of Dust : a Novel, or 8vo.... ..... —.....(Arrowsmith) 6/0 Carr (C. T.), General Principles of the Law of Corporations, or 8vo

(Comb. Univ. Press) 7/6 Carrel (F.), Analysis of Human Motive, 8vo (Simpkin) net 5/0

Chadburn (AL), The Fairy Bird and Piggy Wig, 4to (Dent) net 5/0 ChapmanF4 . R.), Urdu Reader for Beginners, 8vo (Thacker) net 7/6

Chapman S. J.), The Cotton Industry and Trade, er 8vo .. (Methuen) net 2ff1

Clay (B.), Stories of King Arthur and the Round Table, or 8vo (Dent) net 5/0

Cripps (A. S.), Magic Casements, 12mo (Duckworth) net 2/6 Crump (L.), Three Little Cooks, or 8vo (E. Arnold) 2/6 Dawson (W. J.), Makers of English Fiction, or 8vo (Hodder & Stoughton 6/0 Day Book of Claudius Clear (The), or 8vo (Hodder & Stoughton 3/6. Debenham OIL H.), A Flood Tide, or 8vo . . (E Arnold 6/0. Dix (B. II), The Fair Maid of Graystones, cr 8vo (Macmillan 6/0 Donaldson (A. B.), Henry Parry Liddon, 12mo (Rivingtons) not 2/6 Donaldson (A. B.), Richard William Church, cr Svo..— (Rivingtons) net 2/6 Dudden (F. H.), Gregory the Great : his Place in Niktery and Thought,

2 vols. 8vo . (Longmans) net 30/0 Duncan N.), The Mother, or 8vo (Hodder & Stoughton) 5/0

Eccott . J.), His Indolence of Arras, or 8vo (W Blackwood) 6/0 Emancipation of Egypt (The), by A. Z., 8vo (Chapman & Hall) 6/0 Fenn 1G. M.), Nephew Jack, cr 8vo (S.P.C.K.) 5/0 Flint (A.), Handbook of Physiology for Students, 8vo (Macmillan) net 21/0 Fowler (E. H.), For Poorer, for Richer, or 8vo (Hurst & Blackett) 6/0 From December to December: the Day Book of Melisande (J. Murray) net 5/0 Gospels in Art .(The), 4to (Hodder & Stoughton) net 7/6 Gould (S. B.), Monsieur Pichelm'are, and other Stories ...(Digby & Long) 3/6 Graham (Mrs. H.), The Tower of Siloam : a Novel, or 8vo (Alston Rivers) 6/0' Green (A. K.), The Amethyst Box: a Novel, cr 8vo ...(Chatto & Windus) 6/0 Green (E. E.), Smouldering Fires, or 8vo (Nelson) 5/0 Haines (H. S.), Restrictive Railway Legislation, cr 8vo ...(Macmillan) net 510_ Harrison (F.), Rupert Dudleigh, or 8vo (S.P.C.K.) 3/6 Hayens (H.), With Sword and Ship, or 8ve (W. Collins) 5/0

Hollis R.), Hugh the Messenger, or 8vo (S.P.C.K.) 2/6

Hope (A. lt.), The Schoolboy Abroad, or 8vo (Black) 5/0 i

Houston (E. J.), Electricity n Everyday Life, 3 vols. 8vo (Gay It Bird) net 2110 Hueffer (F. M.), The Benefactor: a Novel, or 8vo .—. .. .....(S. C. Brown) 6/0 Hunt (W.), History of England from Accession of Geerge III. to Close of

Pitt's Administration, 1760-1801, Svo (Longmans) net 7/6 Jacberns (R.), How Things Went Wrong, or 8vo .. (Gardner & Dartol 2/6 Jacobs (W. W.), Captains All, cr 8vo (Hodder & Stoughton 3/6

James (H.), English Homes, or 8vo ....... .. .. . . -- ... —..... (Heinemann) net 1070 James (31. R.), Descriptive Catalogue of. the MU. in the Library of

Pembroke College, Cambridge, roy 8vo ((lamb. Univ. Press) net 10/6' Keating (J.), Maurice : a Romance, or 8vo (Ghetto & Windu.$) 6/0 Kenyon (E. C.), Love's Golden Thread, or 8vo (Partridge) 216 Knowles (R. E.), St. Cuthbert's of the West : a Novel, or 8vo (0liphant) 6/0 Laking (G. F.), The Furniture of Windsor Castle (Bradbury & Agnew) net 105 Le Feuvre (Amy), Bridget's quarter Deck, cr 8vo ...(Hodder &Stoughton Leh (N. H. C.), The Happy-Go-Luckies, cr 8vo ..... .... (Gardner & Darton)"376 Leigh (L.), Brother East and Brother West, or 8vo ......... --(Heinemann) 3/a Little (Mrs. A.), The Rate of Plaint, 16mo (Gay & Bird) nab fin Loane (M.), The Queen's Poor, Cr 8vo - (E. Arnold) WO Lucas (E. V.), Old-Fashioned Tales, or 8vo - .. -.--(Gardner & Marton) 6/0 McCarthy (J.), History of Our Own Times, Vols. VI. and VII, five '

(Chat-to & Windue) 240

McCausland (Z.), The Story of a Nose, and The Worst of All, cr 8vo(Drane) 3fft Mallet (B.), Sir Louis Mallet, fivo . (Nisbet) 7/6 Blarr (J'. E.), Introduction to Geology, or 8vo......(Camb. Univ. Press) net 8/0 Marshall (C. R.), Text-Book of Materia Medics., 8vo (Churchill) net 10/6 Marshall (F. H.), The Second Athenian Confederacy (Camb. Univ. Press) 3/6 Meade (L. T.), Old Ready Money's Daughter, or 8vo (Partridge) 6/0 Menpes (M.), Rembrandt, 4to (Black) net 12/6 Mill (G.), In the Hands of the Czar : a Novel, or 8vo ......(W. Blackwood) 6/0 Montgomery (K. L.), Love in the Lists, or 8vo ............... -...(Unovin) 6/0

Moore (D.), Sydney Lisle, or Pro (Parbridge) 216 Nelson (Earl), Home Reunion Reflections, 8vo ...... ... .--(.T. Murray) net 6/0

Nisbet (J.), The Forester, 2 vols. 8vo . (W. Blackwood) net 42/0 O'Byrne (W. L.), The Knight of the Cave, Cr Pro (Blackie) 2/6 Odes from the Divan of Hatiz, 4to ... ..... .... ..... - ... —.(Duckworth) net 7/6 Old Testament in Art, 4to -...- ... - . .. . - -.......(Heider & Stoughton) net 7/6 Parliament of Beasts (The), by Rip Van Winkle, 12mo ...(E. A. Thompson) 216

Parsons (G. S.), Nelsonian Rerainiscences, cr 8vo (Gibbings) 8/6 Paton's Essentials of Physiology for Veterinary Students (Churchill) net 12/0 Pearson (A.), The Claims of the Faith : Sermons, or 8vo ... .(Niebet) net 3/6 Penrose (Mrs. H. H.), As Dust in the Balance, cx 8vo......-.&az Rivers) 6/0

Phillipps (L. N.), In the Desert, 8vo ( . Arnold) net 12/6 Phillips (G. P. 0.), Guide to Military Hietory, Part L (Gale & Polden) net 3/0 Phillips (L.), Woman Disposes :.a Novel, or 8vo 03ketangton) 3/6 Pinnington (R), Sir Henry Raefurn, or Ebro (W. Scott) net 3/6 Podmore (C. T.), A Trombone and a Star, or tIvo (E. Arnold) 6/0 Pollard (E. F.), The Old bloat Farm, or Pro .............. ...... --(Blackie) 2/6 Porritt (H. W.), How to Teach Book-keeping, cr 8vo.. ..... ...(I. Pitman) net 2/6 Posselt (E. A.), Recent Improvements in Textile Machinery, Part LEL, roy 8vo _ . . _(Low) net 36/0 Prior (C. E.), French Exercises Adapted for Pa'aminations ...(Ri . ps) 0

Pottuager (Sir H.), Flood, Fell, and Forest, 2 vols. 8vo 02. Arnold) 25/0 Heed's Handbook to Fbmedeatione for Engine-room Artificers in the Royal Reinsch (P. S.), Colonial Administration, er 8vo............. (bitalmmtltnni net # i

Navy, Cr 8vo

Renwick (J.), The Life and Work of Gladstone, or _8vo . :_. .,..-.-11Wyman) 216 ' Ripley (M. C.), The Oriental Rug Book, or 8vo...(Hoddear ..... ton) net MN ; Rosegger (P.), I.N.R.L : a Prisoner's Story of the Cross, or 8vo

(Nodder & Stoughton) 6/0

Rossetti (W. N.), Bibliography of the Works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, or 8vo (Ellis) net 5/0 Rumbold (Sir H.), Final Recollections of a Diplomatist, Pro (E. Arnold) net 15/0


Sandford (A. L.), Talks with Tinies, or 8vo (I. Pitman) 3/6 Sichel (W.), Emma Lady Hamilton, 8vo (Constable) net 21/0 Sidgwick (Mrs. A.), The Professor's Legacy, cr 8vo (E. Arnold) 6/0

Smiles (S.), Autobiography, ed. by F. Mackay, 8vo (J. Murray) net 15/0

Smiles (S.), Physical Education of the Young, cr 8vo (W. Scott) 26 Smith (A. D.), Trial of Madeline Smith, 8vo , (Sweet & Maxwell) net 5/0 Vane (F. P. F.), Fax Britannica in South Africa, 8vo (Constable) net 12,6 Waggett (P.), The Scientific Temper in Religion, and other Adthesses, Cr 8vo (Lotagmans) net 46

Wallace (A. R.), My Life, 2 vols. 8vo (Chapman & Hall) net 25,10

Warden (F.), Who Was Lady Thurne P Cr 8vo (Long) 6/0 Watson (D.), Perfect Manhood, cr 8vo ..................(Redder & Stoughton) 3,6

Watson (G.), The Voice of the South, 8vo (Hurst & Blackett) net 10/6 Whishaw (F.), Moscow : a Story of the French Revolution (Longruans) 6/0 Williams (T. R.), The Evangel of the New Theology, cr 8vo (Daniel) net 3)6

Wood (J. H.), Dan Leno, or 8vo (Methuen) 6/0