14 OCTOBER 1905, Page 3

the Salvation Army. has come to the conclusion that, in

the absence of a unanimous disposition on the part of Australia to welcome the people he proposed to send, he would not be justified in going forward with the scheme on the large scale originally contemplated. He has, however, no intention of abandoning his Australian scheme, but thinks it best to proceed cautiously, in accordance with the views of the Agents-General, contenting himself for a time with sending out small contingents. This change of policy has, it seems, caused considerable surprise in Australia, and Mr. Deakin, the Federal Premier, demurs to General Booth's view that the original scheme would create political conflict in that continent. Meantime we may note that Mr. Crooks, ALP., strongly disapproves of General Booth's scheme, on the ground that until we have exhausted the resources of our own land we ought not to think of promoting emigration on such a scale.